From the applicator with constant flow to the time-pressure dispenser  , without forgetting our data-entry system  of piece, our entire,  sustainable, strong and guaranteed range 5 – 10 years  allows us to answer exactly to your application in both technical and financial terms.

Sans PDS Doseur

New comer in the PDS product range, the PRECIFLUID is a compatible volumetric dispenser with all sorts of fluids (from the most liquid to the most viscous ) combining velocity and accuracy while keeping simple and ergonomic structure.

Valves de dosage

The valves of dispensing are valves with  silicone TEFLON ® shutter, they are extremely accurate. Each of her is accurately manufactured with high quality standards guaranteeing the reliability of the operations.


The Cartesian robots of JANOME ™ are real automated available tablets in version 3 or 4 axes and are endowed with capacities of movement going from 200 to 510mm. Completely stand-alone, the Cartesian robots are mainly used for the dispensing and the assembly.

PR70 Meter Mix Dispense System

Aware of the particular attention that the manipulation of the fluids during a two-components dispensing requires, POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS ™ provides you with a range of equipments exclusively dedicated to the management of these materials.

Pistolet Dosage Cox

The mono-component applicators are specially designed for the amateurs of handiwork and the professionals, the range of applicators POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS ™ is made of 100% of products COX ™.

source U.V.

The range OmniCure of Lumen Dynamics (formerly EXFO, EFOS) allows you to have punctual UV sources (UV Spot) for your operations of sticking. It benefits from more than twenty years of experience and from permanent improvement making it particularly effective and economic.

mélangeur planétaire thinky PDS

Because a quality dispenser deserves a quality mixture, POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS ™ provides you with the global mixers THINKY ™. With no competitors on the market, these devices will answer upstream your desire of perfection regarding dosage.

Sanfsss titre-1

In addition to its dosing, PDS offers a wide range of silicone-certified consumables and customizable to suit your devices. Syringes, needles, adapters, cartridges and nozzles etc.

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PDS is a French company which markets a very wide range of proven and successful equipments of dispensing.


The equipments of dispensing by Poly Dispensing Systems be used in major industry sectors.


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